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After losing my husband, I felt very lost and alone. I felt emotions that I had never felt before and did not know how to handle them properly. I became very angry at first. I was frustrated because I did not know what I was going to do without my husband in my life. After a few weeks, I simply started to feel sad and depressed. I would stay in bed all day, barely eat anything, and cry constantly. My family knew that I could not handle the loss of my husband on my own.

Understanding Monophobia

In simpler words, Monophobia is the term used for the disorder in which the victim fears of being alone. There are many other names by which monophobia can be referred. These include isolaphobia, autophobia etc. The symptoms as well as effects of this disorder vary a lot. This is because there is no fixed parameter on which the disorder could be gauged unlike the other forms of illness like fever, which could be gauged with the help of a thermometer.

Monophobia Treatments

‘Monophobia’ or as we commonly term it as “the fear of being alone” is characterized by heavy breathing, dry mouth, feeling of nausea, palpitations and anxiety etc. If you have experienced any of these symptoms then it’s high time you took a medication or any other form of treatment. With Monophobia, the earlier you are treated the sooner you will be able to get rid of it. However, before you actually go and get a treatment all by yourself, it is better if you consult a doctor or a specialist, as there are a lot of chances for it being a wrong diagnosis.

Monophobia Symptoms

These days the people who are affected by Monophobia have increased a lot and the disorder is spreading around like a conflagration.
What is Monophobia?

Monophobia is a psychological disorder in which the victim is scared when he is alone and isolated. Monophobia can even be referred as the fear of being alone. In most of the cases, the victim also fears that he will be taken away from a specific person or thing that he considers safe. The victim dreads of losing support of his loved ones who care for him. Often, there is an anxiety disorder involved as well. When this is the case then, the problem worsens.

Monophobia: Help And Tips

Monophobia is a serious mental disorder in which the victim is fearful of being alone. Sometimes the victim even dreads of going to the bathroom alone. At times, the victim may even suffer from social phobia along with Monophobia as well. The person finds it extremely difficult to interact with people in public. Even though there isn’t any such logical reasoning for this kind of phobia, the person feels that it is real and that he is suffering from the physical symptoms, which are due to Monophobia.

Coping With Monophobia

Yes, it can be really challenging to cope up with phobia no matter what type of it is. Monophobia, as the name suggests, is the phobia or fear of staying alone. This disorder can severely damage a person’s personal and social life. In addition, this could affect the health of the person to a lot of extent as well. Here are some tips for coping up with Monophobia:

Causes Of Monophobia

Monophobia has become one of the fastest spreading disorders in the world. While there are, a number of treatment programs for the disorder one must know the causes of the same. Knowing this helps in better and easier diagnosis and you could then get proper treatment as well.

Tips to Fight with your Fear of Being Alone

Many of us live our lives which are somehow controlled by the fear of being alone. The state of being lonely, silence present in the house, the fear of someone leaving you and many more emotions grip us and take control of what and how we do. All this makes us feel very unhappy and invaluable to others. Sometimes we have the feeling that without a particular person in our lives, we will not be able to stay a happy and content life. Especially when we look around at so many couples being happy together, we feel that the only way to overcome our fear of being alone is by being in a relationship.

Is Your Fear Controlling Your Relationships?

Fear makes us do a lot of things. Sometimes it stops us from doing what we really have to do and sometimes it makes us do things that we shouldn’t have really done. And, when it comes to relationships, fear can make us do some really crazy things. The fear of being alone can control our lives. Fear of being alone can make you get into a relationship just because you don’t want to stay alone in life.

Therapy To Cure ‘The Fear Of Being Alone’

The irony that exists when we come across a person with a phobia or fear of being alone is that we try to isolate the person further. Each one of us, during the course of our lives comes in term with loneliness. When accompanied with dark moments or memories, negative outcomes etc this spate of loneliness can grow into a phobia. Thus, this phobia or fear, termed as Autophobia or Monophobia develops and the person may find it very difficult to be alone.