Are There Medications To Treat The Fear Of ‘Being Alone’?

10 January 2012
10 January 2012, Comments Comments Off on Are There Medications To Treat The Fear Of ‘Being Alone’?

Many experts will agree that the Phobia of being alone is a condition best handled with self-help mental techniques with or without the assistance of an experienced counselor. Subtler treatments in the form of alternative relaxation and positive thinking methods have shown long term positive results.

The market is flooded with an array of potent drugs which are prescribed to overcome the fear of being alone, but the side effects and withdrawal symptoms can be harmful mentally and physically. Moreover, it’s not that these drugs “cure” the various phobias or the fear of being alone. The medications to treat the fear of being alone just try to suppress the symptomatic causes through various chemical interactions.

Now days, medication in the form of Antidepressants, Beta blockers, Anti anxiety drugs are prescribed and have become dependants for many, which is a very unhealthy trend by itself. Many antidepressants are approved by the F.D.A, but Beta blockers help to combat physical consequences of nervousness and they are sedative and addictive by nature. Though drugs and medication options are being tried with an aim to cure these phobias, the doubt surrounding the effectiveness of these drugs will always remain in a common man’s mind. Along with side effects which vary from person to person, these medications for curing fears of being alone do not promise a permanent cure of this condition.

The medications to cure phobias very often are seen to cause restlessness or even insomnia. The dosage is also debatable and an effect, if seen, can take several weeks. The main demerit of these medications is that they are addictive in most of the instances. The visits to the doctors and clinics as well as the cost of medications for such treatments are expensive. Even after spending so much on these drugs it is impossible to know when and which drug will work.

"fear of being alone"

Though medications to cure the fear of being alone may seem effective in the short term, but they cannot be termed as a cure. Its effects may give temporary respite, but the root cause of the phobia is not treated at all. It has been observed that often when the medication is stopped all the symptoms associated with the ‘being alone’ fear return.

What we need to understand is that instead of trying medications to cure the fear of being alone or lonely we need to rekindle or rejuvenate happy and positive feelings within the person to eradicate such fears.

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