Conquering Your Fear of Being Alone

26 December 2011
26 December 2011, Comments Comments Off on Conquering Your Fear of Being Alone

All of us, however old or young have experienced fears, anxieties at some time or another. Fear of being alone exists in many of us though we may not talk about it in the fear of being made fun of. Conquering your fear of being alone will help you to deal with anxieties and handle unsettling situations or experiences in our life. All of us get the regular advice like “relax”, “breathe slowly” etc but it’s not as simple as the advice given.

A big part of conquering your fear of being alone is to accept and tell yourself that it is completely alright to have this fear. Statistics have shown that 6 out of 10 people have this fear. First of all you need to overcome this fear of being alone by diverting your attention. If you closely observe, this fear of being alone occurs when we are idle or are not doing anything. So, engage yourself in an activity. However stupid you may think it is, start moving around by walking, jumping or running while simultaneously thinking of instances in your life where you felt extremely strong and powerful. You will find your fears vanishing almost immediately. To be able to conquer this fear of being alone it is necessary to deliberately create a mental link to a powerful mix of confident, happy, calm emotions which you would like to see yourself experiencing. This thereby replaces the fear of being alone.

"beating monophobia"An individual’s mind is capable of almost instantly creating a process of replacing the new positive thoughts and emotions with the old ones. Let’s see a few examples of these thoughts that can help you to overcome your fear of being alone. You can chose whatever works best for you.

Think powerful and strong- Like you have succeeded at something.

Calm and relaxed- Like when you stared at the sunset on a beach.

Excited- Like when you felt opening your first pay check.

Complete Love- Like when you experienced love for the first time.

Rolling on the floor with laughter- Like a joke that totally cracked you up.

One can use a part of the body like pressing your finger tips or walking on your toes etc. Since these are not usually done, it creates a relaxing effect by repeating a couple of times. Conquering your fear of being alone lies within you. So, trying these simple yet powerful techniques will surely see a more confident YOU!

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