Do You Have A Fear Of Being Alone?

1 March 2011
1 March 2011, Comments Comments Off on Do You Have A Fear Of Being Alone?

It could be said that the vast majority of people have a fear of being alone but that kind of fear is usually related to growing old alone or not meeting someone that you could spend the rest of your life with. That kind of fear is quite natural and generally nothing to worry about but for some people, the fear of being alone can be far, far worse and the very fact that it can have such a negative effect on a persons life means that something has definitely got to be done about it.

The fear of being alone is known as Monophobia and for anyone who is suffering from this illness, life can be pretty dreadful and what makes it worse is that other people just cannot understand what the sufferer is going through. Just like any other phobia, a fear of spiders, a fear of open spaces etc, it is common for friends and family of the sufferer to tell them not to be so silly and to pull themselves together. It has to be said that comments such as those are not really much help and can in fact make matters worse.

To give you an idea how the fear of being alone can affect some people, it could happen to be alarming for them when a family member goes to work and leaves them in the house by themselves but at the other end of the spectrum, some sufferers cannot bear to go somewhere like the bathroom by themselves, they need someone with them at all times so in cases like this it is not difficult to understand what a massive strain Monophobia can be on the family and friends of the person who is suffering.

As with all illnesses, there are many forms of medication that are said to be able to help along with a wide range of traditional and alternative therapists who claim to have an answer. It really is up to the person who is suffering from the illness to decide upon which route to take in order to get back to normality but the negative points should be taken into account before a decision is made.

These negative points can range from the side effects that go with some traditional medicines al of the way to the exorbitant costs that can sometimes accompany the alternative methods. Many people mistakenly come to the conclusion that these negative points are part of the healing process but that fortunately is not always the case.

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