Fear Of Being Alone Can Ruin The Relationships Around You

27 September 2011
27 September 2011, Comments Comments Off on Fear Of Being Alone Can Ruin The Relationships Around You

Most of us are afraid to be alone at times in our lives. The fear of being alone is a natural one, but if it is starting to overcome your life or guide your decisions, than it may be something more than just “normal” fear. If you are finding yourself afraid of being alone most of the time, than it may be something more ominous than just fear.

You may have a serious condition that if not treated, will only continue to become worse. If you have an extreme fear of being alone, than not treating it, will only make it grow and overtake all that you find joyful in your life.

Monophobia is the extreme fear of being alone. It entails feelings of fear at being by yourself that is defined as irrational. A monophobic finds the prospects of being by themselves so fearful that they will avoid it at any cost. These feelings of fear which begin to overtake one’s life soon begin to encroach on those around them, causing strain on the very relationships that they are finding comfort in.

The relationships that at first lend comfort to the individual begin to become dysfunctional and unhealthy and can at times begin to unravel.

If you are finding being alone fearful and asking the significant individual in your life to sacrifice their own wishes in order to appease your fear than you may be slowly destroying the very thing that you are wishing to hold onto.

When you put extreme amounts of responsibility on another individual to make you either safe or secure, you are forcing them to give of themselves and creating the opportunity for resentment.

The more that you ask from those around you, the more the person that you love and depend on may begin to feel resentful about your demands. Asking someone to help you out when you are going through a rough time is what they are therefore, asking them, however, to continually sacrifice their own wants for the desires of your own is not a healthy exchange.

If you are refusing to see a problem or address it, losing the very relationship that you are holding onto so tight is inevitable. Finding a way to feel secure in feeling on your own is the only way to find security in being with others and creating a healthy bond that can truly last the test of time.

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