Fear Of Being Alone In Extreme Situations

14 July 2011
14 July 2011, Comments Comments Off on Fear Of Being Alone In Extreme Situations

If you are suffering from the fear of being alone at the moment you may be finding that it is quite mild but it is important that you get on top of it straight away because in extreme cases it really can be such a paralyzing fear.

You are probably aware of how my problem began and it seems that this is pretty common, ie, you are feeling a little run down and you are left on your own for a period of time, it may be because you are having some time off work because of illness but you are on your own in a situation that you are not really familiar with such as on a normal working day which you are now spending at home.

You may feel a little anxious and there is nothing at all wrong with feeling like this, after all, you are feeling under the weather, but it is if these feelings of unease continue that you should really nip it in the bud before it gets any worse.

When I was investigating different levels of monophobia I was quite shocked to read that some people really do have a fear of being alone that is so intense that they can’t really be left alone at any time. It should be noted that cases such as these are extremely rare but just imagine the strain that would be put on family and friends if you could not even bear to go to the toilet by yourself or even take a shower without someone being there with you.

When you talk to people about the fear of being alone, many of them just think that it is something that is extremely mild and that will soon pass, in many instances this is definitely the case but when you hear stories about people who are suffering in such an extreme way it really does make you realize that there can be far more to monophobia than you first thought.

I always believe that you can find good in any situation and for me, my experience with monophobia has made me a farĀ  more humbler person and that can’t be a bad thing, can it? Before my illness I never really had time for people who were ill, I thought that they should just get on with it but I now find I have far more time for everyone and I think that my fear of being alone has made me a far stronger person.

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