Fear Of Being Alone: The Very Last Fear We Face

12 October 2011
12 October 2011, Comments Comments Off on Fear Of Being Alone: The Very Last Fear We Face

I have often said that I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid of going alone. Then I ask myself if others feel that way. There has not been a soul I have talked to that doesn’t share in my sentiment. If we were able to say take just one friend when we die, I think dying would be a lot less scary.

There is something about having one person with you that makes just about everything less scary. If you have someone in your life to rely on, someone there to cling to during the turmoil. That special person in your life who knows how to shelter you from the storm, that is the one you want to take with you. Unfortunately, death does not work that way. Death is something that we must go it alone.

Having fears of dying alone is natural, in fact, doing lots of things on your own is fraught with fear. Learning to conquer that fear makes not only death less scary, but life as well. How many things have you not done because you would have had to go alone?

How many things would you be able to do if you weren’t afraid of being alone. The fear of being alone is so powerful it guides almost all decisions that we make from taking a different route to work to making major life decisions. If we could only shelf that fear, find a way to conquer it, the world would open up like the skies during a storm and the unimaginable would no longer exist.

If we could find a way to turn off the fear mechanism in our minds, to make decisions that are not guided by it, or influenced by it, we could achieve feats unimaginable. It is always scary to attempt something on your own. Going through an experience with someone else at your side adds comfort, allows you to feel the diffuse of responsibility, as well as, consequence.

Finding a way to not acknowledge fear, to diffuse it, is the key to living life to its fullest and experiencing all that there is to offer around us. If you could do away with the fear of being alone, just about everything that you attempt would seem less dramatic, become less traumatic. You could even learn to look at those final hours of your life as ones of excitement and new promise instead of ones to be afraid of.

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