The Fear Of Being Alone Is Much Like Being Afraid Of The Dark

12 September 2011
12 September 2011, Comments Comments Off on The Fear Of Being Alone Is Much Like Being Afraid Of The Dark

What is it about the darkness that invokes so much fear in so many people? Being afraid of the dark is about not being able to see anything around you. It is about not feeling the security of things and people who stand before you. The fear of being alone, is much like standing in the dark. The fear of being alone is much like being in a dark place, it is isolating, lonely, and insecure.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you are so fearful of being alone? What is it about being all by yourself that is so scary? Being alone is independent of environment and location. Fear of being alone is a state of mind, much like being in the dark even when the lights are on. Figuring out why you are afraid to be alone is the first point in recovery.

Many times we behave in ways that we are unsure of why. There is always some benefit to our behavior, seen or unseen. We all behave in both conscious and unconscious ways for some benefit, realizing the reason for our behaviors is the true key to understanding our feelings.

If you are afraid of being alone, you need to ask yourself exactly what about being alone is so scary. What is the worst possible thing that can come from being on your own?

If you are in a dark alley, or somewhere unsafe, fears of being alone are completely and utterly normal. Fears of being alone when in a safe place, quiet, comfortable, however, are not normal. Everyone needs time to be alone, to reflect, to be quiet, and if you are fearing that time alone, than you need to ask yourself why.

What is it about being alone, being forced to be quiet and reflect, that is making you feel afraid? What is it that you are avoiding or running away from that in the situation of being alone? The only way to cure the fear is through finding out its source.

Realizing what is driving behavior is the key to realizing your feelings. The two are intertwined not able to be separated.  The fear of being alone is like the fear of the dark, if you turn on the lights, the fear goes away. Finding out the reasons you are running from being by yourself is like turning on the lights to your fear of it.

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