The Relief After Monophobia

13 August 2011
13 August 2011, Comments Comments Off on The Relief After Monophobia

It is often said that it takes an illness of some kind to make you realize what is important in your life and that is most definitely the case with monophobia, in my experience anyway.

I now actually enjoy spending time by myself and you most definitely wouldn’t have heard me saying that only a couple of years ago. I also really appreciate everything about my life, not that I didn’t before, but I now cherish those little things that might have gone unnoticed during my illness and it really does make you aware of what a deliberating illness monophobia really is.

As an example, I would often have sleepless nights, worrying about what the next day would have in store for me, how would I be able to arrange my day so that I wouldn’t spend any time on my own and all of this without anyone finding out what my problem was.

Now that monophobia is a thing of the past I now sleep like a log and what a massive difference that makes, when I look back I think that my lack of sleep was effecting me nearly as much as the monophobia itself. Even if you are fit and healthy, lack of sleep can make you feel absolutely awful.

I now feel far more refreshed and there is nothing that I like better than to relax when I get home from work and enjoy a good book, don’t tell my husband but those relaxing moments are probably the best time of the day for me and the very fact that those moments are by myself just goes to show the extent to which I have now fully recovered.

If you are suffering from monophobia at the moment, just think to yourself what it will be like when you have made a full recovery. What is it that you will enjoy most about your life. Just try to imagine, I fully realize that you probably can’t imagine getting back to normal in your wildest dreams at the moment but I was told that visualization is such a powerful thing when I was ill that I decided to give it a go.

I only really started to imagine what life would be like halfheartedly when I was ill but looking back, I really thing that the times I spent thinking of getting better were a massive help to my eventual recovery.

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