The Truth Of Monophobia And How It Can Effect You

16 March 2011
16 March 2011, Comments Comments Off on The Truth Of Monophobia And How It Can Effect You

The fact is that the majority of people do not even know what Monophobia is and even those that do think that it is just something that might affect stay at home mums and if they started doing something that occupies their minds they would soon get over it.

Well, apart from that train of thought being highly offensive to stay at home mums, it is completely incorrect and people from all walks of live suffer from this deliberating illness. The sufferer my well be a stay at home mum but it could just as easily be a male professional worker who does not get home from work until late in the evening. Monophobia does not distinguish between male or female or anything else for that matter and if you were to ask any one who has this fear of being alone they ill no doubt tell you that it is not much fun at all!

It is quite common for someone who is suffering from the fear of being alone to not realise that Monophobia is the problem and for many people it isn’t. It is quite common to miss people when they are not with you or for children to feel a little afraid when they are lying in bed at night, especially if they have got something on their mind that is bothering them.

For those people who actually have Monophobia, it can present other symptoms which the sufferer may not even associate with being alone such as butterflies in the stomach, the need to go to the toilet and general signs of anxiety such as sweating and feeling frightened. After a while though, it usually becomes apparent that the fear of being alone is the root cause of the problem and once Monophobia has been identified, at least something can be done about it.

There are several different options available which range from counselling to medication but the problem with medication is that it sometimes does solve the underlying problem and only really covers it up. Everyone is aware how busy doctors are now days an more often than not they only have 10 minutes to find out what is wrong and then try to find a solution.

Because of this, many people are starting to look at other avenues to try and solve the problem of Monophobia and there certain publications out there which can offer solutions to the problem which can be far more effective than you could possibly imagine.

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