Therapy And Medication

30 May 2011
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It is a sign of the times that the first thing anyone thinks of when they become ill is that there must be some form of medication to make them feel better.

This is what I thought when I became unwell but it is a sad fact that monophobia is not something that is instantly diagnosed, many sufferers don’t realise that it is the fear of being alone that is causing the problem, they just assume that they are suffering from general anxiety or depression.

When you also add to the fact that a doctor has many patients awaiting their attention and they only spend an average of 10 minutes with each one, and you can soon see that monophobia is often very difficult for a doctor to treat properly.

I was prescribed tranquillisers by my doctor  which initially gave me hope, but that hope soon faded when I carried out some research on the internet, only to find that the side effects which many people experienced after taking this kind of medication were quite horrendous.

I then started to look at the other options that were open to me with therapy being at the top of the list. I searched my local area to find a therapists who had some good feedback and made an appointment to see the first one.

It seems that a few therapists will give you an initial consultation without charge but imagine my complete horror when I was told that any further session would cost $200 for one hour. My husband and I were in the same position as so many people, struggling financially, and there was no way at all that I could find this kind of money, bearing in mind that at least 6 sessions would be needed, possibly far more.

You may be aware of the direction that my story takes from here and how I was so lucky that a chance meeting with a friend of a friend enabled me to completely conquer my fear of being alone without the need for medication and how my life couldn’t be more different now to what it was then.

If you or anyone that you know is suffering from monophobia at the moment you should really believe that you will get better and this suffering will soon be something that will not only end up making you stronger but also something that you will look back and be proud that you were able to overcome it.

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