Therapy, The Good And The Bad Points

28 August 2011
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When I finally admitted to myself that there was something wrong with me, the first thing that obviously crossed my mind was how was I going to get better. As with most people, my first port of call was my doctor, the same doctor that I have been seeing for years.

The thing with doctors like this is that they are usually very good but they are also very busy. They have to find out what is wrong with you and tell you how to get better, all within the space of about 10 minutes.

My doctor was very sympathetic but as is usually the case, he recommended that I take tranquilizers. Now as far as I am concerned, if someone wants to take tranquilizers it is completely up to them. There are apparently some very effective ones available but for me, I didn’t want to take them because I was scared of not being in control. That is probably a far fetched reaction but I wanted to stick to my guns and look for alternatives.

This is when I discovered the world of therapy, the good points and the bad points. The good points about therapy is that it works in many cases, the bad point for me was that it is so very expensive. I enquired at several therapists in my local area and the cheapest that I was quoted was $120 for one hour, and it would probably take 10 sessions of one hour each to get to the bottom of my problem.

To say I was devastated would be something of an understatement. Even though my husband said that we would find the money from somewhere, I knew deep down that there was really no way that we could afford it and I would have to say that was the lowest point of my illness.

As it turned out, all ended well and you are probably aware that I met someone through a friend of a friend who was a therapist and experienced in treating monophobia. It was through her that I have managed to put my ebook together and I only wish that there was something like that for me to read when I was ill. It is often said that this ebook is just like therapy without the therapist and I sincerely hope that you take the time to read it because the information that it contains really is solid gold.

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