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1 March 2011
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You may be surprised that to learn that many people have a fear of being alone but are able to put the fear to the back of their minds and keep themselves busy and forget about it. However, an increasing amount of fear of being alone sufferers find themselves being unable to do this and this is when it becomes something of a problem.

The medical term for a fear of being alone is Monophobia and millions of people throughout the world are thought to be suffering, but what causes Monophobia and more importantly, how can you get over it and start living a normal life again?

This question is often asked and it is unfortunately the case that when a doctor is consulted the usual answer is to offer medication. Most people realise that medication can be a big help and this could be said for Monophobia but it is surely better to find out what is causing the problem then just trying to dull it with various tablets. There is also the problem arising from medication that the sufferer can become dependant on the very thing that is supposed to be making them better and the various consequences that accompany that scenario, including side effects, are the last thing that the sufferer needs.

There are alternatives to medication such as hypnosis and counselling which it must be said can be extremely effective but these alternatives usually come at a price, usually a price that is far to expensive for the everyday man and woman on the street. For example, it is not uncommon to be charged upwards of $150 per hour for hypnosis or counselling which wouldn’t be so bad if it was a one off payment but courses such as this can go on for many weeks or months.

The problem that many Monophobia sufferers experience is that when they are going through their own pain and looking for a solution to their problem, family members and friends are also suffering, suffering from the constant demands of the person that they care about and in the case of married couples, the strain on the relationship really can be enormous.

Due to the constant need to be around other people, the friends of Monophobia sufferers can also start to feel stressed due the fact that they often outstay their welcome as well as a host of other demands which will have become common place throughout the illness.

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