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20 January 2022
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20 January 2022, Comments Comments Off on 2022 and still working from home

Since Covid 19 hit globally in 2019, our general livelihood was changed. Many people lost their jobs, and those who were lucky to retain theirs have been conditioned to work from home. With IT technology and fast home internet less of us need to go to the office to hold that internal or external meeting. With the use of cloud computing, employees can easily access databases, servers, storage, and most importantly, members of the board or employees can have a meeting via Zoom or Teams

While this saves many of us from transport costs to get to work there can be a downside of working from home. Many people used to offices can experience lonlieness and isolation working from home.

  • Employees feel isolated

Picture this, you were used to working in an environment full of people, people who became your friends/family, and you had a great and fun time working together. Suddenly, you start working alone; you can only reach these people via phones and online communication. You are alone in the house, such that if you need help or clarification, you have to wait until your colleague answers you.

If you ask most people working from home what they fear the most, they will straight up tell you isolation. It is even worse for extrovert people, as they live for social interaction. This can also affect the productivity of some employees. Some people need teamwork to work and deliver the best in their work. So, if they don’t have that while working from home, they dont always perform well in their duties.

  • There is a lack of motivation.

It is claimed “Man cannot live alone and survive”. At least the modern human desires interaction with others. Imagine being locked in the house, and the only thing you can interact with is your computer? We all need some motivation to focus on work and even achieve personal and career goals. So, if you fear being alone, this will affect your mental functioning resulting in poor performance in your career.

In an office, you are being motivated by how you see fellow employees work and how greatly they achieve their company goals. But at home, it is up to you to figure out how to do your job to reach your goals which can be reasonably hard for some people.

  • Can lead to burnout

What do we do when we feel bored and lonely? We find things to distract that can cheer us up and make us forget about our loneliness right. We can form bad habits with eating or drinking and when there are restrictions of movements can result in changes to our physical health. We can also struggle to differentiate and arrange your work and home life and with the ability to work more than ever overworking ourselves may lead you to feel burnt out.

Although at home workers and organistions can have the ability to work at home provided by organisations like OnPlatinum ICT does anyone truly stop to consider the implications? Most at home works initially appreciate still having their employment but have any long term studies been made on the impact on workers and how people have been immensely struggling with the changes due to home loneliness and isolation? A lack of social interaction and motivation is another factor I believe affects most people who work from home.

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