18 March 2012
18 March 2012, Comments Comments Off on Coping With Monophobia

Yes, it can be really challenging to cope up with phobia no matter what type of it is. Monophobia, as the name suggests, is the phobia or fear of staying alone. This disorder can severely damage a person’s personal and social life. In addition, this could affect the health of the person to a lot of extent as well. Here are some tips for coping up with Monophobia:

1) Find the roots:
In order to deal with Monophobia you must find the initial roots of the problem. Generally, the roots of such phobias are located in the past of the victim. Maybe you went through a traumatic event in the past like a break-up, loss of someone close etc and this instilled the phobia in you. At younger age, these traumas tend to render even a deeper impact.

2) Try out some self-help techniques:
Some easy yet very effective techniques and exercises can help you out with Monophobia. One such technique is “breathing control.” Whenever you feel that a panic attack is trying to grab you then, immediately start taking deep and long breathes. Keep repeating this and within a few minutes, you will be just fine.


3) Get a therapist for help:
If the problem is serious and you often break into panic attacks then it is almost essential that you get help from a professional therapist. The professional therapists are well aware of all the aspects of Monophobia and they will be able to treat the problem in a better way.

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