31 March 2011
31 March 2011, Comments Comments Off on How To Help Friends And Family With Monophobia

Many people will agree that there is nothing worse than watching a friend or loved one suffer but it is often worse if you don’t actually know what is wrong with them, after all, how can you help if you don’t know what I causing them such misery.

This scenario is common in the case of Monophobia or as it is more commonly known, fear of being alone. As with so many of these type of illnesses, because there is no physical evidence of being something being wrong, as opposed to someone with a broken leg for example, many sufferers of this illness are either not taken seriously or simply told to snap out of it, which is really the last thing that they want to hear.

The difficult thing about Monophobia is that it is quite common for people to fear being alone to a certain extent but for Monophobia sufferers it is much more than that, but if they pluck up the courage to tell their family and friends about it they are usually told that it is absolutely nothing to worry about.

As an example, some people who are suffering from this fear of being alone cannot even bear to go to the toilet alone, they cannot face being in any room by themselves so it does not take much imagination to realise what a massive effect that this illness can have on their lives and that of their family. At the other end of the Monophobia spectrum, sufferers will visit friends and family and completely out stay their welcome due to the fact that they don’t want to go home and be on their own.

It really is such a common problem but how can people escape this misery and get back to leading a normal life. The answer has to be for anyone who is suffering from this problem to be brave enough to accept that they have a problem and ask for help or look for a reputable solution which will be able to make them feel better in themselves as quickly as possible.

There is a fantastic ebook based on the subject of the fear of being alone which has been written by a past sufferer, Teresa Douglas. This publication will help so many people because they will instantly be able to recognise their symptoms with those which Teresa describes so well and then be able to go on and conquer the fear of being alone, just as she has.

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