If You Have Recently Lost A Relationship It Is Easy To Build A Wall That Ruins Any Proceeding

11 November 2011
11 November 2011, Comments Comments Off on If You Have Recently Lost A Relationship It Is Easy To Build A Wall That Ruins Any Proceeding

Anyone who has had a serious relationship, whether it be a love interest or a best friend, has no doubt felt the sting of disappointment. Sometimes relationships just don’t last. It need not be anyone’s fault for it not to work out, or for you to lose someone in your life, but it is inevitable that at some point you will.

When you lose a relationship in your life the natural response is to build up walls to try to prevent the hurt from happening again. Making sure to not build up those walls is the only way to truly heal from it.

Losing someone in your life is an experience that hurts more than any that we can encounter. When you love someone, if the love is lost, it almost feels like you are losing part of yourself. Like a gaping wound, there are times when you wonder if you will ever breathe the same way again.

Rest assured, although there will always be a void in the place where that love stood, there will be another that will come along that will not replace it, but will fill the space of emptiness.

Loss is unfortunately a natural part of living. As much as it hurts, you must not lose sight in the relationship itself. You take from every relationship, every love, every lost love, an important lesson about who you are and what you want to make the next relationship that much richer.

Instead of building up walls to protect yourself from hurt, which is virtually impossible, take that loss to see the goodness in the next relationship. From every loss comes appreciation if you allow yourself to see it.

You can’t build up walls to protect yourself from hurt, in the end, those walls only prevent you from feeling love at all. What is a life without love? If you have nothing, than there is nothing left to lose, but who wants to live a life full of nothing and emptiness.

Being hurt is a very painful thing, but never loving and being loved is a much worse condition. Being void of loving someone may be the most empty feeling on Earth. What is life worth if it is not about being connected to those around you? Stop being afraid of losing and instead appreciate all that you have not lost.

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