9 February 2012
9 February 2012, Comments Comments Off on Is Your Fear Controlling Your Relationships?

Fear makes us do a lot of things. Sometimes it stops us from doing what we really have to do and sometimes it makes us do things that we shouldn’t have really done. And, when it comes to relationships, fear can make us do some really crazy things. The fear of being alone can control our lives. Fear of being alone can make you get into a relationship just because you don’t want to stay alone in life.

Men and women from around the world sometimes get into relationships just because they have this fear of being alone. However, any relationship that has started with this kind of fear is destined to be a very unhappy and a very unsatisfying one. And, it would create problems which will never be resolved until you decide that you want to face your fears and drive them away. However, if you are in such a situation that you can enjoy your own company, then you will not get into a relationship that is based on fear.

If you are not comfortable spending time just by yourself what you do is that you give the other person the power to control you and try to be in a relationship with that person. All this ends up in a grudge that you will hold against the other person. This happens because what you really want is to have your own power and control. People who are not comfortable with themselves as well as with their partners would not be able to spend quality time with them and would not be able to feel a deep level of intimacy.

"fear of being alone controlling relationship"

So, it is very important to be comfortable with your own self. The first step towards this is realizing that you have fear and admitting that most of us in this world are broken and have some or the other kind of fear. Once you begin to realize that you are not alone and are just like the others who have some strength and some weaknesses, you will be able to acknowledge your weakness instead of trying to hide them. As hiding your weaknesses needs a lot more energy and it is advisable to overcome these weaknesses and learn to live with them.

So, overcome the fear of being alone which is there inside you and live a happy, satisfied and content life with your loved ones.

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