2 April 2012
2 April 2012, Comments Comments Off on Monophobia: Help And Tips

Monophobia is a serious mental disorder in which the victim is fearful of being alone. Sometimes the victim even dreads of going to the bathroom alone. At times, the victim may even suffer from social phobia along with Monophobia as well. The person finds it extremely difficult to interact with people in public. Even though there isn’t any such logical reasoning for this kind of phobia, the person feels that it is real and that he is suffering from the physical symptoms, which are due to Monophobia.

There are no actual remedies for curing this disorder. You will have to act patiently while you are suffering from it. It will take a while to recover from this. You can even take the help of the following tips for recovering from Monophobia:

1) Record your feelings: If you are habitual of staying alone in the home during the nights or in case your family lives far away then you can feel better by recording your feelings and emotions when you feel alone. Get a handy voice recorder from the market and make a good use of it. Take it slow and monitor all your progress by listening to the recordings every week.

2) Get a friend for help: Whenever you feel as if you cannot stay anymore with this loneliness then, simply call your closest friend. Express to him how you are feeling. When he is with you, he can make you feel better by consoling you and understanding your inner self as well as your feelings.

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Try these easy tips and you would feel better very soon!

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