17 April 2012
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These days the people who are affected by Monophobia have increased a lot and the disorder is spreading around like a conflagration.What is Monophobia? Monophobia is a psychological disorder in which the victim is scared when he is alone and isolated. Monophobia can even be referred as the fear of being alone. In most of the cases, the victim also fears that he will be taken away from a specific person or thing that he considers safe. The victim dreads of losing support of his loved ones who care for him. Often, there is an anxiety disorder involved as well. When this is the case then, the problem worsens.

Symptoms of Monophobia:

  • Panic: Sheer panic takes hold of the victim at just the thought of being alone.
  • Terror: The victim also experiences intense fear while there is actually no reason to fear about anything.
  • Rapid heartbeats: The heart of the victim tends to beat extremely fast and he may even feel the palpitations. This is often accompanied with the feeling of terror.
  • Excessive Perspiration: If the problem is intense then the victim may even experience excessive perspiration and difficulty in breathing.
  • Dry mouth: The mouth of the victim becomes dry and he finds difficulty in breathing.
  • Nausea: The victim may feel like he is going to vomit, as the problem gets even more intense.
  • Constant anxiety: The victim becomes very anxious and negative thoughts fill up his mind. These thought are related to the fear of being alone.
"monophobia symptoms"

If these symptoms persist then it is advisable to consult a doctor.

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