27 October 2011
27 October 2011, Comments Comments Off on Staying In A Bad Relationship For Fear Of Being Alone?

Being alone is a scary endeavor most assuredly for most of us. If the fear of being alone is keeping you in a bad relationship, be it physically or emotionally unhealthy, you must find a way to conquer it, and a way to stand on your own two feet.

There are many reasons that we stay in bad relationships. Most stem either out of obligation or out of fear, but most of the time they are one in the same. Obligation is a type of fear that makes you feel as if you must do something you no longer wish because you in some way owe something to someone else. If you are staying in a relationship which you know if not healthy, you must find out exactly why you are choosing to stay. Although it may not seem like it, you are gaining some benefit from the bad situation, either personally or materially.

Either way, you are giving up far more than you are gaining. In some cases, you are also jeopardizing not only your own happiness, but those around you.

If you are choosing to stay in a bad relationship you are not being fair to yourself. In most cases, guided by fear, we continue to perform actions which are not only not in our own best interest, but in some cases are harmful to us.

Finding out what is driving your behavior is the only way to truly come to the root cause of the fear that is driving it. If you are afraid of being alone, you need to ask yourself whether being with the person you are with is better than being on your own.

Asking yourself some pretty simple questions is all it takes to figure out why you are afraid of being on your own. There is something either in your past, or in your recent thought process that has programmed you to feel like being on your own is something to be scared of.

When you stop to consider what the worst possible thing could be to go it alone, and then the worst of days that you are having with the person that you are with, the answer to leave the relationship may present itself to you. Staying with someone out of fear of being alone is a far scarier endeavor than deciding to walk away from it.

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