24 February 2012
24 February 2012, Comments Comments Off on Tips to Fight with your Fear of Being Alone

Many of us live our lives which are somehow controlled by the fear of being alone. The state of being lonely, silence present in the house, the fear of someone leaving you and many more emotions grip us and take control of what and how we do. All this makes us feel very unhappy and invaluable to others. Sometimes we have the feeling that without a particular person in our lives, we will not be able to stay a happy and content life. Especially when we look around at so many couples being happy together, we feel that the only way to overcome our fear of being alone is by being in a relationship.

However, this is not true and this realization depresses us. Our self esteem gets affected and we feel depressed and fear that we will end up all alone. This fear of being alone drives the lives of many people. So, the only solution they find to come out of this depression is that they find some partner to be in a relationship with. They give up their hobbies and all the activities that they like and only focus on finding someone. When they actually find someone they don’t focus on the fact that if the person is the right one for them. They are just satisfied with the belief that now they have some person to stay with.

Such relationships do not last very long. And if they do, they are surely not the ones that are very satisfying and happy. Having a relationship with anyone, just because you don’t have to be alone and regardless that the person is a suitable partner, is not the right thing to do and will most probably lead to failure. What should instead be done is that we must learn to drive all these irrational fears of ending up alone out of our minds.

"fear of being alone"

We should fight with the fear of being alone. Firstly, understand where all these fears stem and then fight with these fears with courage and determination so that you can deactivate the power that these hold over your life. As you would slowly gain control over your life, you will soon realize that you can select the perfect partner to get into a relationship with. You will also feel that it is perfectly fine to be just by yourself and there is no need to worry about finding people to get into relationships.

So, remove the fear from your mind and stay a healthy and happy life.

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