17 May 2012
17 May 2012, Comments Comments Off on Understanding Monophobia

In simpler words, Monophobia is the term used for the disorder in which the victim fears of being alone. There are many other names by which monophobia can be referred. These include isolaphobia, autophobia etc. The symptoms as well as effects of this disorder vary a lot. This is because there is no fixed parameter on which the disorder could be gauged unlike the other forms of illness like fever, which could be gauged with the help of a thermometer.

While talking about monophobia there are some things, which must be vivid in the mind of the victim. The first and foremost thing is to actually understand the phrase “being alone.” The definition of this phrase varies from one individual to other. However, it is important to accurately evaluate that up to what degree the fear controls the mind of the victim. In addition, it is important to check if the disorder is associated with the social elements or if the problem is brewing due to personal factors only.

In most of the cases in which the person is suffering from monophobia, he finds it too difficult to manage any kind of activity. To get relief from this fear he simply rushes to public areas like markets, restaurants, etc where there are a lot of people. The person faces panic attacks and severe depressions and he may even be obsessed with his thoughts.

"understanding monophobia"

Common symptoms of monophobia include intense pain in chest, rapid breathing, palpitations in the heart, excessive perspiration, feeling of nausea, sheer fear of dread and terror. So, if any person has these symptoms then he must consult a doctor for further treatment.

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